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‎Streetball LiteStreetball.com presents the best basketball game in the App Store! The all new Streetball release features new game play and street ball players like Kenny "Serious Sattelite" Satterfield, Jay "Boogie" Brantley and top basketball prep and point guard Jerron Love. Play Streetball and tap to pass, shoot, steal, block, and dunk your way to world domination!

– 14 characters (4 playable characters in the lite version) with different stats and strengths, with new characters appearing in new updates
– Two on two and tutorial game modes
– Fluid analog stick and character controls
– Unique 2D character animations and visuals
– New soundtrack by Young Mel called, “Streetball”

***Limited Time***
Unlock Local co-op and competitive multiplayer for OS 3.0 and up by signing up for Streetball.com for free! In the game, click on the multiplayer icon on the bottom left hand of the screen. Sign up for streetball.com or enter your username and password. Then go to http://streetball.com, click the image and unlock multiplayer!

– For 1.99, upgrade and get all 14 streetball and basketball characters with different stats and strengths
– Challenge your friends in local co-op and competitive multiplayer for OS 3.0 and up.
– Four game modes ranging from a 5-minute Two on Two game to a more casual turn-based H.O.R.S.E.
– High Scores challenge how good you are on the court!

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