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有一天晚上,我傢四口如常同桌吃晚飯。快要三歲的兒子突然說:「爸爸.. 媽媽.. 請找出 香蕉。」我很驚奇的看著他,他示意要我跟他玩。原來桌子旁邊放瞭一盤水果,裡面放瞭香蕉。心想,孩子很聰明,短短一星期玩玩這遊戲,學會瞭怎麼多東西,心裡非常高興。當天晚上,我傢很開心的用實物玩瞭幾回合,也過瞭一個很愉快,很充實的晚上。

答錯瞭我們加以鼓勵, 答對瞭我們讚賞,再加以奬勵, 增強 幼兒的自信心。



老師語言 可選用 普通話, 廣東話, 英語, 日語

繁體中文、簡體中文、拼音、註音、粵拼、日文 或 英文 顯示.


》三種主題包括 數字、形狀、顔色
》100 款奬勵貼圖
》10 款背景 (供遊戲及奬勵表使用)

可自行擴充 – 在遊戲主板,按屏幕3次到 “設定和擴充”

如需排難, 請不要用寫評語方式, 我們是沒法作回應的.
況且評語並非實時登出, 實在是太費時瞭又解決不瞭問題.
煩請直接電郵我們 [email protected]

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This educational game may be the best toddler interactive game in the market of its kind which inspires a young child’s mind.

We used appreciation education to encourage children to learn through play.

for incorrect answers, we will encourage; for correct answers we reward their success to increase a child’s confidence.
We believe there is no better and more effective way to learn other than through play.

If you need to give a gift to you child, what would be better than one which is capable of acknowledging their achievements, while at the same time, providing inspiring and educational entertainment.

With more than 12 different types of themes to select and expand, the game is in putonghua accompanied by high quality pictures and audio.

Teacher's language can choose from English, Chinese, Cantonese or Japanese.

The game can be operated using Traditional chinese, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, Zhuyin (bopomofo), Jyutping, Japanese or english display.

Text display variation:
e.g. English is chosen to be used as primary text language for the game. By pressing the question hint at the bottom, it will translated into Chinese or Pinyin according to your settings.

this version includes :-
– 3 types of themes including number, shapes and colors.
– 100 reward stickers.
– 10 different types of backgrounds (for games and reward).

self-expandible: tap main page 3 time to "Settings and Expansion"

Should you need any help? Please email us at [email protected] . Please do not use review section for help, we cannot reply you from there.

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