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‎Frisbee® Forever(Android、iOS)

  • App : ‎Frisbee® Forever iOS版,Android版
  • 提供者: Kiloo

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‎Frisbee® ForeverNow available for FREE.

Go wild in the worlds of Frisbee® Forever! An Universal App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad with super crisp HD and Retina 3D graphics.

Get ready for blast-off. Fly at breathtaking speed across more than 100 crazy tracks. Twist and turn in the California Theme Park, climb the majestic mountains in the Wild West, send the waves blazing in the Pirate filled Caribbean oceans or prance through the snow in the new Winter wonderland. There’s a level for everyone!

Play with cool classic Wham-O® Frisbees® or brand new discs only available in Frisbee® Forever. Collect more than 100 Frisbees®, with plenty of trophies and secret bonuses to achieve.

Are you a Frisbee® Master?

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