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‎Winter Adventure! 介紹

‎Winter Adventure!Skiing, is full of adventure and exciting. Is there also a vibration that touch your heart? Whether do you want to release the passion again for your youth or not? Come and join the game of “Winter Adventure”, let’s feeling the youth, to regain the vibration of our original heart.You will play a good ports like ski,safari in mountain.

[Playing method]
The operation of the game is simple but also a test of your skill. There are two buttons in the game.
The left button is “down” button, which you can speed up slowly when you are downhill, of course if you press the button when you are uphill, then….
The right button is “jump” button, which you could control the overturn or step over the cliff if you press on it.

There are should have some cute roles of course in the game.The hero's name is called Charlie not called alto. Adventure in the winter we provide three totally different roles in the beginning, and they own different skills, such as: “immunity skill” like a bug, you can walk as easily as walking on firm earth and ignore all obstacles; the angelical “fly skill”, can’t jump over? Try to use the “fly skill”, the cliffs will be nominal….an so on.

[Character Upgrades]
In the game, you could promote the character’s attribute by upgrading its levels, and it will become more and more powerful, of course, all these need to cost gold coin, you need to strive to get more coins. If you want to get the coins more quickly, you can buy it from the game store, it is a way for those people who have no time to earn coins. Certainly, it will not lost the funny of the game even you don’t buy it, please don’t worry.

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